Effingham Golf Club

 Associate Membership



Golfing rights

Any time mid-week; elements of Club Week; on Sundays after (specified times *) and no play permitted on Saturdays.

Pre-paid rounds included in subscription **

Equivalent to 15 full games of golf, valid for calendar year.  On each and every occasion a green fee ticket must be obtained BEFORE PLAY either by card swipe or by additional purchase.

  • 270 points on the Member's card at the beginning of the year.
  • Comprising 15 x 18 points (i.e. 15 x 18 holes).
  • 9 points (9 holes) are permitted after 15.00hrs (April - Oct) and after 13.30hrs (Nov - March).
  • All points are valid for one calendar year.
  • All points are non-transferable i.e. cannot be used for Member's Guests.

Green fee for additional rounds ***

Additional points can be purchased within the golf shop at Member's Guest rate in multiples of x18, valid until the end of the calendar year. These points are non-transferable.

Maximum number guests at any time

Up to 3 at any one time. 1 at Member's Guest rate. All others at full Visitor rate. A non-Member may only play 4 times per year as a Guest of any one Member and 8 times in total.

Guest green fees

1 at Member’s Guest rate, others at full Visitor rate.

Handicap maintained


Entry to club competitions

Eligible for all Midweek and Sunday competitions after specified time(s)* that do not have an honours board or trophy associated and the fun social Club Week golf events **** (see web site).

A green fee ticket must be obtained BEFOREHAND for all competitions in addition to any competition entry fee.  Normal competition rules will apply.

Play for club teams


Practice Range


Courtesy Rounds No.

Social membership


Hire of club house

Complimentary subject to availability.

Bag tag

Flaming Red.

Voting Rights



Entrance requirements

Proof of handicap required, a maximum of 28 for men and 36 for ladies OR demonstrable ability to play to this requirement AND 'played in' if new member.

Entrance Fee

2022: £780 (age 35 and over) & £655 (age 34 and under)

Membership upgrade

Payment of a FULL membership entrance fee is required unless a fee has previously been paid. The FULL membership upgrade entrance fee is REDUCED by the paid Associate category entrance fee at the time of upgrade if one has been paid.

Subscription 2022: £780 (age 35 and over) & £655 (age 34 and under)
Levy 2022: N/A

* Specified Times on Sundays – November through March after 11.30hrs with 9 holes permitted from 13.30hrs (inc. Mon - Fri).  April through October after 13.00hrs with 9 holes permitted from 15.00hrs (inc. Mon - Fri).

** Pre-Paid Rounds – Members' cards will be credited  with 270 golfing points which are loaded onto your card at the start of the membership year.  Each time you play 18 points will be deducted from your card, however in 'off peak' times only 9 points will be deducted regardless of the number of holes played.  Your card may be swiped in the bar if the golf shop is closed and as such the Club expects the self discipline of self policing to be scrupulously applied.

** Payment for Additional Rounds –  Additional golfing points can be purchased within the golf shop at Member's Guest rate in multiples of x18 valid until the end of each calendar year (discounted Guest green fee vouchers are only available to FULL members).

****  Club Week fun social golf events excluding specifically the Cedar Bowl (Men), Magnolia Bowl (Ladies) and Golden Jubilee Poignard.

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